A happy learning environment in which each child is encouraged, respected and cherished

Managed by the Board of Management under the patronage of the Church of Ireland, St. Matthias’ has had a long tradition of education in West Cork, since it welcomed its first pupils in 1827. At St. Matthias’ we prepare pupils for life by treating each one as an individual, identifying and fostering their particular skills and talents and encouraging them to reach their potential. What pupils experience in primary school will form the basis for lifelong learning and the values, interests and memories they will bring with them into adult life.

Message From The Principal

At St. Matthias’ School we provide an environment in which each child is expected and enabled to achieve his/her potential. Team work and collaboration are encouraged so that pupils learn to work together and to help each other.

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Our School Ethos

This Church of Ireland School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected, irrespective of gender, social background, family circumstances, educational achievement, physical characteristics or intellectual ability.

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School Board

The Board of Management is one that brings a wealth of experience to the governance of St. Matthias. Since coming to office, the Board has shown a collective determination to improve all aspects of school life and ensure its growth.

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Lest we forget

The Senior room led our assembly at St. Matthias Church. The olive tree, a gift from the Bishop of Cork and our art projects, symbolising peace not war were also brought up to the church as our way to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice ending WW1


St. Patrick’s Day Parade

The St Patricks Day Parade theme this year was The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The School won first prize, many thanks to the Parents Association who came to the school and painted the cards with the children in early March. The Board of Management is very grateful to them and congratulates all on the wonderful

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Team Hope Christmas Shoeboxes

Our pupils brought in shoeboxes, which we covered with festive paper and filled with all sorts of good things. They will go to enable less fortunate children in Eastern Europe and Africa to have something to open and some surprises to enjoy on Christmas Day. We hope that this gesture will spread some of the

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Our new reception area

Thanks to the work carried out at St. Matthias’ school during the summer, we now have a comfortable working area for our school secretary, Hilary. This means that parents can now come there if they need to see a teacher or drop in something for their child and it affords a measure of privacy which

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Learning about our world is fun!

We have started doing the Aistear programme in the Junior room every morning.. The children really enjoy engaging in all the fun oral language activities at all the different stations. Our themes so far have included The Crèche, Buildings and Halloween. The students loved studying the builder’s plans used for our new extension and coming

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Our School is Transformed

Our School is Transformed This summer we were granted funds by the Department of Education and Skills to carry out much-needed improvements to our school. From the time we got the “go-ahead” there was very little time to carry out all that had to be done. We are indebted to our builders who worked really

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