A happy learning environment in which each child is encouraged, respected and cherished

Managed by the Board of Management under the patronage of the Church of Ireland, St. Matthias’ has had a long tradition of education in West Cork, since it welcomed its first pupils in 1827. At St. Matthias’ we prepare pupils for life by treating each one as an individual, identifying and fostering their particular skills and talents and encouraging them to reach their potential. What pupils experience in primary school will form the basis for lifelong learning and the values, interests and memories they will bring with them into adult life.

Message From The Principal

At St. Matthias’ School we provide an environment in which each child is expected and enabled to achieve his/her potential. Team work and collaboration are encouraged so that pupils learn to work together and to help each other.

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Our School Ethos

This Church of Ireland School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected, irrespective of gender, social background, family circumstances, educational achievement, physical characteristics or intellectual ability.

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School Board

The Board of Management is one that brings a wealth of experience to the governance of St. Matthias. Since coming to office, the Board has shown a collective determination to improve all aspects of school life and ensure its growth.

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Climate Change Day at St. Matthias N.S.

Following a week of discussing climate change and its frightening implications, our students took to the school yard on Friday to mark Climate change Day in their own way.  All the students had the opportunity to look at and discuss their peer’s posters, drink some plant based smoothies and listen to the Senior students read

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Visit to the Alpaca Farm

St. Matthias NS marked the new school term by visiting our local alpacas. There were 2 mothers and their young, which were born during the summer. They were very curious to see all the school children and nibbled food from the children’s hands. They were really cuddly and cute and the children loved seeing them

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Our talented artists

Some of the pupils collected some lovely prizes for their recent artistic endeavours. They had entered their amazing artwork for the 9th Fastnet & Maritime folk Festival in Ballydehob. The theme was “ The Sea” and they all produced very different representations. Well done girls – we are so proud of you!

Visit by local Coast Guards

Our very own Mr. H is a volunteer with the local Coast guards. Along with 2 of his fellow volunteers they told us all about the invaluable work they do. They showed us their equipment and explained what to do in various difficult situations. They also gave us lovely workbooks, wristbands with their emergency number

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School Tour to the Mardyke Arena

It’s all go at St. Matthias NS these days. We just finished 6 weeks of swimming lessons. Just in time before we do our splash n’ dash event in Tragumna! We all travelled to The Mardyke arena in Cork for our school tour last Tuesday. We left school at 8am and returned at 5! A

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Sports Day 2019

What a day we had! The sun shone all day at Tragumna beach. We had a very busy day with the Senior room cycling a 5km road distance. The Junior room learnt new bike safety skills in the beach car park. All the running races and various games took place What a day we had! The

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Fishy fishy!

As part of our aquatics strand, we have been going to the lovely Water school in Ballylickey for our 6 week block of swimming lessons. How fortunate we are to have such a top class resource in our locality. The pool has no chlorine and is situated in a lovely bright site. The children look

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Truly scrumptious!

St. Matthias had a lovely time, cooking our own healthy menu last week. The pupils prepared and ate their own creations. A menu was composed together, which promised the use of as much fruit and vegetables as we could. Seasonal & local produce was part of our shopping requirements. The food pyramid was taught in each

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