Message from The Principal

At St. Matthias’ School we provide an environment in which each child is expected and enabled to achieve his/her potential. Pupils are encouraged to be enquiring and creative, our educational standards are high and the fact that our school is small enables us to engage in investigation and experimentation by the pupils, which might not be possible in a more crowded school situation. Team work and collaboration are encouraged so that pupils learn to work together and to help each other.

As a Christian school, we encourage students to respect each other, to be honest and trustworthy and to accept difference and to be tolerant and forgiving. We aim to develop self confidence and independence so that our pupils are well prepared to cope when they move on to second level. We keep abreast of educational developments and were only the second school in the country to provide iPads for our senior pupils.

We scored very highly in our last Whole School Evaluation, carried out by the Department of Education and Science. We are proud of our school, our pupils and our community.

Ian Haseldine, Headmaster