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World Book Day

Everyone is so happy to be back at school, following 2 months doing schoolwork via the Seesaw platform. We all got dressed up as our favourite character and brought in our favourite books. We all got a chance to look at everybody’s book and listen to the other students talking about them.

Our Christmas Preparations

In the run up to Christmas, all in the Junior room were very busy. 1st class stitched their own Christmas socks and were delighted with their newfound skill. The junior infants were equally busy: wrapping presents, decorating our Santa grotto, thawing out frozen arctic animals by using their droppers and playing small world on our

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Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy   Parents, BOM, Staff and interested parties may access the complete text of the new ‘Child Protection Procedures’ from the Department of Education and Skills website   This document is a response to recent changes in legislation and takes account of the provisions of each of the following pieces of legislation.

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Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Policy   1.In accordance with the requirements of the Education(welfare) Act 2000 and the Code of Behaviour Guidelines issued by the NEWB, the Board of Management of St Matthias NS has adopted the following anti-bullying policy within the framework of the school’s overall code of behaviour. This policy filly complies with the requirements

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Our spooky Hallowe’en 2020

Wonderful costumes were on display for our Hallowe’en party at school before Midterm. The junior room did some lovely spider art to take home. It was great fun painting outside up on the walls instead of being inside. On the day of our party we had a spooky treasure hunt outside. The students worked in

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Autumn Show and Tell

The Junior room started off our show and tell season this morning. The topic was Autumn and all the children brought in lovely leaves, conkers, a raspberry bush, poems, pumpkins and illustrated drawings. Every child stood at the front of the room and explained so well and clearly what and why they close to bring

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Science Week at St. Matthias N.S.

The junior room participated in 5 experiments last week as part of acknowledging it was Science Week. We had such fun learning about reaction from vinegar and baking soda during our volcano experiment. By using the same ingredients we caught the gas this time in our magic glove causing it to inflate. We created thrust

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Cycle Sense Day at St. Matthias N.S.

We had such a lovely day today at school. The whole school participated with “Cycle sense” which is a cycling initiative programme. Those who had their own bikes brought them in and we had great fun doing various cycling games in the yard. Afterwards we went off on a walk to the Ferguson’s outdoor area

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