Truly scrumptious!

St. Matthias had a lovely time, cooking our own healthy menu last week. The pupils prepared and ate their own creations. A menu was composed together, which promised the use of as much fruit and vegetables as we could. Seasonal & local produce was part of our shopping requirements. The food pyramid was taught in each classroom and students filled out their healthy eating diary for the week. An effort from everyone was made to eat a rainbow of foods on a daily basis. Here is our menu which was thoroughly enjoyed by all

Mon: Chicken & veg fajitas with salad, wraps, grated cheese and a yogurt with coriander dressing
Tue: Falafals in pittas with salad. Served with Garlic & herb roasted potatoes
Wednesday: homemade pesto with spaghetti
Thursday: Pancakes with fruit toppings
Friday: Homemade hummus with vegetable sticks ( carrots, cucumber & celery)img_1625 img_1623 img_1622 img_1585 img_1582 img_1580 img_1578 img_1577 img_1575 img_1573 img_1561 img_1559 img_1532 img_1533 img_1535 img_1538 img_1543 img_1544 img_1530 img_1529 img_1528 img_1527 img_1524