Fishy fishy!

As part of our aquatics strand, we have been going to the lovely Water school in Ballylickey for our 6 week block of swimming lessons. How fortunate we are to have such a top class resource in our locality. The pool has no chlorine and is situated in a lovely bright site. The children look forward to their lessons every week.

En route back to St. Matthias NS last week, we stopped in the “ Salmon school” in Coomhola. The children walked to the local stream and proceeded to catch all sorts of interesting finds. Streamscapes methodology stresses immersion in field experience. The programme’s aim is to reveal the wonders of biodiversity which will spur participants to become conscious stewards of local waters and wildlife. Upon their return to the school, the children examines their catches using an array of instruments. It was a really interesting and worthwhile field trip

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