School Tour to the Mardyke Arena

It’s all go at St. Matthias NS these days. We just finished 6 weeks of swimming lessons. Just in time before we do our splash n’ dash event in Tragumna!
We all travelled to The Mardyke arena in Cork for our school tour last Tuesday. We left school at 8am and returned at 5! A great fun filled day was had by all. There was so much to do and the instructors were lovely0cf4ff48-1976-4960-82e0-cca5960aff5a 2f27c337-b5b2-4498-b01f-1e5f2b5d8ff7 6b5dff43-a52e-4a9d-a540-3f9ff157b9a7 008d2a41-f685-403f-9dd8-af90af7256d3 8fc4bbb8-50fe-45d3-86ce-d623907be9ca 96f725a4-67ad-4e70-9b34-61c1c7bd321c 129852b3-f9cc-4ead-95b3-63b112e2b719