A happy learning environment in which each child is encouraged, respected and cherished

Managed by the Board of Management under the patronage of the Church of Ireland, St. Matthias’ has had a long tradition of education in West Cork, since it welcomed its first pupils in 1827. At St. Matthias’ we prepare pupils for life by treating each one as an individual, identifying and fostering their particular skills and talents and encouraging them to reach their potential. What pupils experience in primary school will form the basis for lifelong learning and the values, interests and memories they will bring with them into adult life.

Message From The Principal

At St. Matthias’ School we provide an environment in which each child is expected and enabled to achieve his/her potential. Team work and collaboration are encouraged so that pupils learn to work together and to help each other.

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Our School Ethos

This Church of Ireland School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected, irrespective of gender, social background, family circumstances, educational achievement, physical characteristics or intellectual ability.

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School Board

The Board of Management is one that brings a wealth of experience to the governance of St. Matthias. Since coming to office, the Board has shown a collective determination to improve all aspects of school life and ensure its growth.

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Preparing pupils for the challenges of second level, university and life beyond is a core consideration at St. Matthias. It guided our decision to equip pupils with modern iPad technology. Textbooks can be down loaded and accessed in an instant. Teachers can monitor each pupil’s progress and advance his or her education on a one-to-one

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In 2012, inspectors from the Department of Education carried out an in-depth, independent evaluation of St. Matthias. The findings were published in the Department’s Whole School Evaluation Report that is available for public inspection and can be read online. Here are some of the comments published in the Report: ‘There is a positive and inclusive

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Good news for St. Matthias school supporters is the announcement that student numbers are set to rise significantly in the coming year. If current projections remain in place, the school will welcome an unprecedented rise in the number of new pupils coming to the school in the 2014/15 academic year. As a consequence, an application

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