DESIn 2012, inspectors from the Department of Education carried out an in-depth, independent evaluation of St. Matthias. The findings were published in the Department’s Whole School Evaluation Report that is available for public inspection and can be read online.

Here are some of the comments published in the Report:

‘There is a positive and inclusive working atmosphere in the school which is supportive of the individual needs of each pupil’

‘The school has a committed and hard-working staff’

‘Pupil questionnaires indicate that pupils have positive self images with regard to their ability to read and all parents believe the school is helping their child(ren) to progress with reading’

‘Effective teaching strategies are regularly used’

‘Parental questionnaire responses indicated that all of the parents consider the school to be well run’

‘The dedication of the teachers in promoting Irish is commendable’

‘All parents believe that the school is helping their child(ren) to progress in Mathematics and all of the pupils believe that they are doing well in Mathematics’

‘English is taught effectively in the school. Pupils, generally, listen attentively and communicate confidently orally and in written form… and there is a commendable focus on language development across the curriculum’

‘Geography is taught effectively in the school.’

‘The school is well resourced’